Financial commitment

Annual/Seasonal Fees:

Club Fee = $50 (mandatory)

League Registration/Insurance Fees (defined by league)

Uniform Fee = $100 (estimated)

Tournament Entry Fees (varies)

(The Club Fee is the only fee managed by the Club, all other fees are passed-through or paid directly to the appropriate entity)


Coaching Fees:

Coaching fees cover Fall and Spring season training including the coordination of skills sessions. Fees will be used to pay professional coaches including, as applicable, the team’s head coach and assistants, as well as the DOC for training and curriculum support.

U12 and under = $150 / year

U13 and up = $400 / year

Fees will be collected by each team manager based on a fee installment plan developed and signed upon joining a team. Fees may vary depending on coaching structure. Funds may be raised through fund raising activities and a limited number of scholarships to off-set up to 50% of the coaching fees may be available. Players are eligible for scholarships only after appropriate Annual/Seasonal Fees have been paid; are based on financial need; and require 100% participation in practices, team functions, and fundraiser activities. Financial concerns should be discussed with your team manager.

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